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Wisconsin State worker battle: Real world check for Occupy Movement

Left n Right must Unite to fight this!

The embers that ignited the Occupy Movement were first lit in the streets of Madison Wisconsin against Govenor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.


It was what everyone feared after an election slaughter that saw tea party anti-ObamaCare hysteria sweep away a Democratic majority. Lots of good that majority did us, right? Anyways look what swept in, a Repub brand of job growth via job destruction, spending reductions, tax cuts and entitlement abandonment. And all these objectives were to be fulfilled at the expense of state workers! Well all but law enforcement, fire employees, state troopers and inspectors. They are exempt from collective bargaining restrictions placed upon all other state workers! That’s just sinister. Doesn’t this violate something besides decency?


And this first responder payoff, these ‘to protect n serve’ types need to be called out! Where is their honor? Oath of office for sale! More to come.


At its height there were hundreds of thousands in the streets of Madison, with thousands taking over the Capital rotunda. It was a righteous Left big tent showing! Thousands with a singular message, rare for the Left. Sad to think that was their first and maybe last mass gathering by state employees at their local seat of power as the Repair Bill makes “organized action” grounds for termination.


To be fair there are some provisions in the bill that are on the mark, like making penison math for elected officials and appointees the same as general occupation types. But way more wrong than right with this sacrifice of public workers to make private interest whole.


Now there is a need for government reform, think waste n redundantcy, but to hoist the whole cost of this financial debacle upon the people, saying they must make whole the investment of global financiers and speculators is just pathological! All the sudden we are the problem, with our slouchy nanny state expectations instead of syphoning activities of greed.


The re-writing of global finance must recognize the preservation of principle over interest payments. And that interest can not have qualities of usury. We are to pay with revenues instead of debt. We should be channeling these fed stimulus funds straight to small biz, infrastructure and worker retraining


The Walker’s Budget bill was halted after being struck down by Judge Maryann Sumi because it’s crafting violated Open Meetings Law. The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned that, so as of June 2011 it is law. Shockingly a re-call election failed to unseat 6 Repub State Senators, with 4 retaining their seats and thwarting the Demo take back. But how did that happen, does it mean outside of state employees, private sector workers want more taken on by state workers and this being expressed no matter what party affiliation?


It is time for all movements concerned to dig deep into analyzing what kind of change is needed and what is possible over a given time frame. We are at a time when even out of the box tactics are passe. As we move by consensus, they move by syndicate. We bog down, they synchronize their move forward. And we don’t know where anything is going and time is flying.